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 24/7 call out, 365 days a year

25 Years Experience

Products ready to pick from our UK Based warehouse

Protecting Families & Businesses

Investing in your families security has never been easier. 

Protected By The Best

DB Security Services provide a full stack security service. Our solutions are tailored to your needs, but our systems include intruder alarm and fire alarm installation, access control and CCTV, offsite and onsite monitoring services, keyholding response and mobile patrols. We also partner with Staffordshire Police, and specialise in deterring anti-social behaviour. We’re here to take care of your security needs, so you don’t have to think about it.

 24/7 call out, 365 days a year.

What We Do

Monitoring Centre

Our alarm monitoring centre is the largest in the UK and is manned by highly trained and experienced monitoring experts. They provide the rapid response and outstanding level of customer support our residential and commercial customers demand at all times.

Trusted Technology

We combine the latest technological hardware systems and a dedicated on-site team of IT experts to ensure our systems are always operating properly. Our computer systems are regularly updated to keep up-to-date with the ever-advancing telecom industry so that landline and mobile connections never fail.

First Response

We all want to know that our families are safe, wherever you are. That’s why all DB Security customers have 24/7/365 monitoring included. Our monitoring service means that we’ll be watching your CCTV and surveillance system at all times. If it is triggered, we respond. With DB Security, your safety, and peace of mind is secured.

What is monitoring?

We hear

Your security system sends a signal to our UK monitoring centre.

We assess

As soon as the intruder alarm is confirmed our security experts take action.

We respond

We call you and your keyholders, the police or a private security guard – depending on your level of cover.

Round The Clock Security

We offer cost effective, 24-hour monitoring services, 365 days a year for all types of security systems including intruder alarm, fire alarm, CCTV, freezer, medical, mechanical, environmental alarms and personal attack systems and lone worker solutions.

We can link CCTV systems to intruder alarm systems and access control systems. Our monitoring service gives you the benefit of round the clock security without the expense of permanent on-site security officers. We will also beat any other monitoring provider on price.

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